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February 11, 2019

Deus Ex Machina: Everything you need to know for a wicked night out

This is what to expect from Deus: The best night away from the mainstream

If you spend any time in Canggu, you can’t possibly miss the iconic Deus Ex Machina. One of the first bars/restaurants to open here, Deus has retained its crown as the best spot to party despite mounting competition. With its true rock and roll spirit, it’s the place to be if you like live music, motorcycles, surf, tattoos, skating or if you just like to have plain old fashioned fun. It’s not nicknamed the “Temple of Enthusiasm” for nothing.

Deus Ex Machina started its life in Australia in 2006, selling custom motorcycles. Motorcycles are still at the heart of the business today, but the brand has branched into a wider range of creative pursuits such as making surfboards, and has shops around Bali – and the world – selling its clothing line. Canggu’s branch of Deus is so much more than this – it’s a restaurant, a bar, a live music venue, a motorcycle shop and workshop, a board factory, an art gallery, a skate park and even a barbers, all in the middle of a patch of rice fields. As the owners themselves say, it’s a “place where motorcycles and fine dining collide”.  If you want to know what that looks like, you know what you need to do.

Deus Café: What you need to order

Deus Café’s menu is designed by top Indonesian chef Fendy, and local dishes are at the heart of the menu. Star plates include beef rendang, spicy Balinese pizza, pulled pork Babi Guling rolls and sate Lilit, which is minced and spiced fish that’s been grilled on bamboo. If Indonesian food isn’t your thing, there’s also all the standard Western fare – burgers, pasta, pizza, steak and salad, as well as a really good range of vegetarian and vegan options. We’d suggest you give the burgers a go. The restaurant’s open until 10.30 but if you’re here for the long haul and get peckish, you can still order pizzas until closing time.

What happens after dinner? Drinks, art – it’s all here

Deus is so much more than a café. There’s a full bar, and if you’re not ready for alcohol, they serve some fine coffee. Settle on one of the well stuffed corner sofas, rest your drink on the teak table, and enjoy this quiet corner and its beautiful range of original art by artists such as Robert Moore and Andrew Wellman. While you’re here, pop into the art gallery – it regularly holds pop art, graffiti and surf art exhibitions.

Behind the scenes: Unique retro motorbikes and surf boards

And of course, you need to have a look in the showroom – nicknamed “velocita bohemienne” where you can admire all the custom bikes.  There’s strip downs and rebuilds of the Japanese giants, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha, as well as from Swedish great, Husqvarnas. There’s also vintage dirt track racing helmets and clothing, and curios and photos filling the walls. And let’s not forget the boards too – Deus has a wonderful selection of retro surf boards and longboards.

You can also pick up some Deus clothing, such as the famous Deus t-shirt, here.  If you’ve not yet had your fill of motorcycles and boards, go on a short tour of the workshops where the skilled team of mechanics and board shapers are creating their new models. Or have a go on the skate ramp.

Insider tips to get the best from live music Sundays

Deus really comes to life on a Sunday when live bands play each week out in the back. The vibe is still chilled, even when the crowds are here and the place is buzzing.  The backyard is a great place to be: cosy and open air at the same time, with little lanterns hanging down, and a pop up bar so you don’t need to miss anything by going back indoors. Take note: there’s often a happy hour when bands are on. Standing out the back is the most fun place to be, but if you really want to sit, check out the VIP spaces on the second floor.

This is how to score epic tacos and freebie tattoos: Tacos and Tattuesdays

Tuesdays are another great day to visit. If you want to mark your holiday with a permanent reminder, register your name and if you’re lucky you’ll get one of the limited numbers of free tattoos that Deus gives away every week if you buy a taco and a drink. While you’re waiting, avail yourself of the taco part of Tacos and Tattuesdays. We recommend getting the taco selection plate, if there’s a group of you, and a round of margaritas to wash them down. Oh and by the way: if you’re keen to be one of the lucky ones that gets a free tattoo, try to get there around 4.30pm.

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