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October 28, 2023

Best gyms in Canggu, Bali

Whether you’re on holiday and looking to keep up your routine, or whether you’re an ex-pat looking for a long-term membership, Canggu has more gyms than you can shake a kettlebell at. A quick down and dirty weights session for pennies? Got it. A luxe experience, where you can lounge around a pool and sauna with a shake afterwards? Got that too, in abundance. Whether you’re a surfer, a gymnast, a weight lifter, a yogi or just want to more or less keep in shape, Canggu has got a great gym for you.

Best for living the fitness-luxe lifestyle

If fitness is a lifestyle to you, then Canggu has everything you ever dreamt of. Glamorous, Insta-friendly ultra-gyms with heat circuits, pools and amazing cafés as well as, of course, the best gym equipment you can find.

Body Factory

A straw poll of the fittest and most on trend people I know says that Body Factory is the pinnacle of Canggu’s gym scene (as long as you can afford it!) If you’re after a high intensity workout, it delivers: excellent gym equipment (and air conditioning, thank you Body Factory), weights (including women-only sessions), outdoor functional training, and a diverse range of classes. And it’s not just hard work – Body Factory also offers the most luxe recovery sessions, with a spa, pool, jacuzzi, sauna and ice baths – and it also does great shakes and food. It’s not just about getting fit, it’s about the whole upscale wellness lifestyle, it’s about mingling and meeting people, it’s about glamour, it’s about Instagram.  Come here to not just get your perfect body, but to see and be seen.

Avenue Fitness

Avenue Fitness is up there among the most popular gyms around. It’s equipped with a well-stocked gym training area (free weights, machines, treadmills), an open functional training area, specialised boxing and stretching facilities, and an excellent range of classes, including cardio, boxing and yoga, catering effectively to all levels. That’s not all though – it boasts an excellent recovery area with two ice bath plunge pools, a warm jacuzzi and a Finnish sauna, not to forget the onsite juice bar. While it’s at the more expensive end of the market, it’s also significantly less expensive than the Body Factory.

Fitness Centre at Finns

If you thought Finns was mostly about crazy partying, you’d be wrong – it’s also about luxe gymming. Is that a word? It is now. A very well equipped gym (Technogym equipment here), a functional training room and TRX studio, a cycle studio, tonnes of classes and a pool. Plus a day pass here means you also get to use all the Finns Rec Club facilities, including VIP treatment at Finns Beach club.

Como Uma Canggu

Top notch equipment, top notch classes, all in a luxury setting. The huge air conditioned gym uses Life Fitness equipment and beyond this, you’ll also find two yoga and pilates studios which are home to some very well regarded classes. There’s also Bali’s first Suspend studio – if you’ve not tried it, this is an aerial suspension class that is great for body weight resistance training, mobility and flexibility. And all this right on the same site as Como Beach Club, so it would be rude not to treat yourself to a cocktail by the pool afterwards, right?

Elite Fit

Elite Fit makes exercise a delight – well, at least slightly less painful – thanks to its views over the rice paddies, its air con and its BOSE sound system. That’s not the end of it either – after a good, solid workout (there’s decent equipment here and a team of professionals on hand), you can hang in the sauna, take an ice bath, and then top it all off with a healthy meal at the onsite restaurant.

Wrong Gym

Wrong Gym is the new kid on the block, having opened in mid 2023. It’s Pererenan’s answer to the Body Factory – luxurious, well equipped and with an amazing recovery area featuring saunas, plunge pools, ice baths and jacuzzi. It’s got free weights, machines, squat racks and hip thrust machines. It’s got classes that include strength training, booty, HIIT and boxing. And it’s got a great café. What more could you want? We love it.

Best for no frills, solid workouts

Canggu is also no slacker at the other end of the market. If what you want is a basic but tough workout with no fancy extras, or if you’re on a budget, try one of these gyms.


Not everyone wants to pay top dollar for gym luxe, some of us just want to get down and sweaty with a good, hard workout. Enter Bull. This back-to-basics gym has a very impressive range of equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, bench, squat racks and machines, set in a huge space so you can get on with your workout without feeling crowded. There’s also a large open space for functional work, and a decent range of HITT classes if that’s your bag.

Victory Fitness

A little bit off the beaten track in Pererenan is Victory Fitness, a true old skool gym that does exactly what it says on the tin, at a very affordable price. It’s got everything you need for a decent workout: dumbbells, squat racks, bench press, machines, punch bag, and so on. The machines are definitely not the most glam or cutting edge, but they do the job. And, beware, there is no air con here. But if you’re looking for a stripped back gym at the cheapest price, Victory is for you.

Best for classes

Maybe pumping iron solo is not for you. If you get on best with the support and camaraderie of a group, Canggu has plenty of gyms that specialise in offering a wide range of fun but testing classes.

F45 Training

Riding the crest of the global F45 trend, Canggu’s own F45 Training gym is an on-trend hit with its high energy, intensive, 45 minute classes. The DJs are pumping, and so is your heart rate, with the atmosphere electric, fun, and – thankfully – air conditioned. There’s a great variety of classes with themes changing frequently – you won’t be bored! And if you can’t make the classes, no fear: the F45flex programme allow you to use the studio space to do a simplified, self directed F45 workout.

The Canggu Studio

The Canggu Studio has all the classes you can think of, and they’re all fun and just that little bit different. There’s strength, toning and yoga classes (including Yin and Hatha), there’s dance (Dancehall, Hip Hop, Street Dance and even a Beyonce class), there’s martial arts (try Muay Thai or Krav Maga), there’s Bootyfit, and there’s Barre workouts. You’re never getting bored here, that’s for sure.


Fortitude is a class-led gym (although there are open gym hours between sessions) with a real focus on high energy sessions and the fun of having the support of a group around you. There’s HIBB (high intensity body building), cardio & core, booty fit, weights classes, cardio workouts and slow paced mobility classes for recovery. On top of this, they’ve also got a rooftop CrossFit box, if you like a panoramic sunset view with your session.

Best for CrossFit

If you’re a CrossFit junkie, you won’t want to miss out on your WOD even when you’re on holiday. Luckily, Canggu is a great spot for CrossFit – just try one of our favourites.


Welcome to the biggest, best equipped CrossFit gym in Bali, CrossFit fans.  There is a huge box to train in, excellent gym equipment (rowers, boxes, Olympic bars, bumper plates, racks), large groups, intense WODs and tough certified trainers who make sure you get the most out of the session. There’ll be no slacking here (believe me, I’ve tried). And it’s not just CrossFit on offer – the classes cover Crossfit, Movement and Metcon, and there’s yoga, gymnastics and silks too. Afterwards, try out the ice baths, and follow it up with a refuel at their café and restaurant. Oh, and it’s in a gorgeous setting too.

S2S CrossFit

The first CrossFit gym in Bali, S2S CrossFit is still a favourite. Much smaller than Wanderlust, there is still plenty of space for a good workout, and a noticeable sense of community too. There’s a well-equipped open gym (Olympic bar, 45lb bumper plates, heavy kettlebells, pull up bars and rings as well as recovery gear) for those who like to do their own thing, and well coached classes for those who work better with a bit of support. Classes are targeted at all levels from beginners to advanced – some even leave the gym and hit the local streets, if you fancy shaking up your routine a little.

Best for casual drop in sessions

If you’re just in town for a holiday, maybe you don’t want to do the whole gym thing, but you also feel like you need a bit of a pick me up after too many nights on the town. Beach bootcamp might be just what you need.


2BeFit offers a beach bootcamp on Batu Bolong beach so you can just drop in as you feel like it, and pay as you go (cash only!) – no need for booking in advance or for weekly passes or memberships. Sessions are fun and demanding, combining strength, cardio and interval training and using bodyweight, sandbags, ropes and tyres. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Best for specialists

Are you a specialist athlete? Or would you like to be? Or do you just enjoy fitness more when you’re also learning a skill? Whether you’re a fighter, a yogi, a surfer or a climber, Canggu has some specialist training to turn up the heat on your routine.

Fight clubs

Soma Fight Club

Soma is hands down (or hands up?) the best fight gym in Bali, never mind in Canggu. These guys specialise in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, with classes for beginners right up to professional level training. It’s not about playing at boxing to burn calories. This is about teaching you to really fight, with the added benefit that this burns mad calories along the way. They even offer ‘island fighter intensive’ classes to take you from beginner to serious fighter in a few short weeks. In addition to learning to fight in their custom designed training facility with competition sized ring, there’s also a functional gym area, a recovery area with a sauna and ice baths, and they can work with you to develop a customised nutrition programme.

Bali MMA

Bali MMA is widely touted as Indonesia’s number one mixed martial arts academy, and one of the top five martial arts gyms in Asia. Home to over 25 professional fighters, these guys mean business and can give you one hell of a workout with their world class equipment and top drawer instructors. Intimidated? Don’t be! This is a genuinely welcoming, family friendly space (they even do Jiu Jitsu for kids), no matter your ability level.

Best for strength training


Nirvana is something special. More than just a gym, it’s a whole life approach, centring on gymnastic strength training and power yoga, stretching, mobility and joint rehabilitation. Classes – there are more than 80 available every week – cover it all: Tai Chi, yoga, hip and shoulder mobility, pilates, handstands, 90 degree pushups, you name it. Nirvana will work with you to improve your performance no matter whether you’re a yogi or a surfer, a footballer or a dancer. There’s a recovery centre too, with ice baths, sauna, steam room and hot tubs, and a café and restaurant. And to top it off, all of this comes with the most fabulous views over rice terraces.

Best for surfers

FETCH Surf Training Centre

If you’re in Bali, you’re up for surfing, surely? Beginner or advanced, adult or child, Fetch training centre can help you build your physical performance and improve your skills. There’s Hard Beat, a cardio session to maximise performance on the waves and allow you to surf for longer. There’s Cardio Box: designed to hone lightning fast reflexes, Stronger: to work on core strength and muscle endurance, Booty: to improve balance and stability…and a whole load more too. There’s also Smoothstar Surf Motion, a skate session that lets you build your skill and movements on land.

Best for climbing

Bali Climbing

In the mood for something a bit different? Why not try the climbing walls at Bali Climbing? This climbing gym offers challenging holds and overhangs….and has a large crash pad. There are classes for kids and adults, and personal training is also available. After your climb, hit their gym: there’s Olympic weights and kettlebells. Bali Climbing also organises day trips for rock climbing out in the Bali jungle.

Best for yoga

The Practice

The Practice is for serious yogis.  This is truly high quality teaching in a peaceful, serene environment – it’s set in an open air bamboo structure with views over the rice fields – with a focus on taking the learnings of traditional yoga and incorporating them into daily life. Teachers are experienced and offer daily asanas and meditations, Hatha and Yin yoga classes (including classes for beginners), workshops, sound healing, master classes, a monthly women’s circle and teacher training programmes.

Pranava Yoga

What we love about Pranava Yoga is the gorgeous setting – just being here makes you feel relaxed. Surrounded by rice fields, this yoga studio has classes for all levels, with a real variety of class types: there’s energetic Hatha, invigorating Vinyasa Power, focused, soothing Creative Power and fun Aerial Yoga. The teachers here are proactive and involved, and will adjust your posture and advise you depending on your abilities.

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